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Beyond Baptism

Apr 28, 2022

The pandemic has exposed our blindspots when it comes to mental health, and it has opened doors for conversations to begin surrounding this heavy topic. This episode focuses on tools for youth both facing mental health battles and walking alongside those hurting alike. We've partnered with the Youth Team of Myers...

Apr 21, 2022

Author Kari Kampakis is back with Amy Jo to share wisdom from her new book, More Than a Mom: How Prioritizing Your Wellness Helps You (and Your Family) Thrive. Kari offers a fresh approach to the "put your own oxygen mask on first" advice, with a holistic look at wellness.

Apr 14, 2022

Caring for someone with a mental health challenge can be heavy and should not be done alone. We want to offer encouragement and support to those who walk alongside youth day by day. We've partnered with Rev. Bill Roth, Pastor of Congregational Care, for some best practices and encouragement for families.

Apr 7, 2022

How do we make time for God in our busy lives? Rev. Nancy Watson joins Amy Jo Alspaugh to share ideas and easy-to-implement suggestions to help you feel closer to God without adding to your already busy schedule.

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