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Beyond Baptism

Oct 28, 2021

Amy Jo and Jason sit down with Allen Walworth to learn practical tips for talking about giving for God and out of love as a family. He has a wealth of knowledge (pun intended) to share, as well as practical tips and considerations. We're excited about our plans for the new building and are eager to help the church...

Oct 14, 2021

Amy Jo revisits our conversation on children and anxiety, this time joined by Kim Enicks, a licensed therapist and clinical social worker. Kim works with children and adults and has comforting words and advice to help us all. She believes that mindfulness and self-care are more than buzzwords -- they are necessary in...

Oct 7, 2021

Today we talk to several of the students who attended our Middle School Youth retreat. We get to know God and each other better through fellowship, games, and tacos! Hear children from the retreat talk about their experience, ministry, and some of the biggest lessons they learned.